Aioli Jalapeño Smoke Show
Aioli Jalapeño Smoke Show
Aioli Jalapeño Smoke Show

Aioli Jalapeño Smoke Show

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Sans gluten

Un aïoli incroyablement délicieux fait de piments jalapeños légèrement fumés. Un excellent substitut à la mayonnaise, essayez-le dans un hamburger, dans une salade de pommes de terre ou même comme trempette de légumes! Ajoutez-le à l'une de nos assortiments pour essayer encore plus de produits!


All Smoke Show sauces are shelf stable, but do but require refrigeration after opening.

All Smoke Show sauces have a one year shelf life after opening. All Smoke Show spices and rubs have a two year shelf life after opening.

Yes! All Smoke Show bottles and packaging is fully recyclable.

Absolutely! We'd love to help you put together a special gift for your collegues, family, and anyone else. Email us at for more information.

Customer Reviews

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David Turbeville
Great sauce!

Goes over so many things - burgers, eggs, sandwiches, pasta and more. Highly recommended.

Monique Lashley
Missing product & Horrible Customer Service

I have loved this product for over 2 years. I have never experienced such horrendous customer service. Not only was I missing product from my order, I emailed and did not get a response until I had to write another email threatening to cancel my payment. Your website does not work for customer service, your chat does not work, nor do your phone prompts. Please do better!

Anne Daigle

Smoke Show Jalapeño Aioli

David Turbeville
Great product!

Tasty on just about anything. Burgers, eggs, pasta and more.

Stephan Vincent

Juste parfaite