Aioli Jalapeño Smoke Show
Aioli Jalapeño Smoke Show
Aioli Jalapeño Smoke Show

Aioli Jalapeño Smoke Show

Prix de vente$12.00

Sans gluten

Un aïoli incroyablement délicieux fait de piments jalapeños légèrement fumés. Un excellent substitut à la mayonnaise, essayez-le dans un hamburger, dans une salade de pommes de terre ou même comme trempette de légumes! Ajoutez-le à l'une de nos assortiments pour essayer encore plus de produits!


All Smoke Show sauces are shelf stable, but do but require refrigeration after opening.

All Smoke Show sauces have a one year shelf life after opening. All Smoke Show spices and rubs have a two year shelf life after opening.

Yes! All Smoke Show bottles and packaging is fully recyclable.

Absolutely! We'd love to help you put together a special gift for your collegues, family, and anyone else. Email us at for more information.

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Scott Smith
Still waiting on order

Have ordered before, its my daughter and I's favorite sauce. Literally goes on everything.

Joanne Van Geel
Love it!

I like spicey hot food so for me it isn't spicy but does have a little bit of a kick which we all love!! Recommend it for sure as my friend just tried it and she does NOT like spice at all but liked it's kick!

Jacqueline James

The jalapeños aioli is the absolute BEST!!! I put that S#*t on EVERYTHING!!!!

kaitlyn hryciuk
Haven’t received it.

We have sent two requires , and have not yet recovered it. When we looked up the tracking number it says it was delayed. Tracking number is 2010502861255663 , order number is 8410. Our payment went through. Please give us a call [****] or email [****]. Thanks

David Turbeville
Great sauce!

Goes over so many things - burgers, eggs, sandwiches, pasta and more. Highly recommended.