BBQ Bundle

Fire up the BBQ, it's grilling season! We bundled the perfect bbq kit for any pit-master or home chef who's ready to level up their grill game. This Mini BBQ Bundle includes three items: 

  • Jalapeño Spice Blend
  • Jalapeño BBQ Sauce
  • Juniper Wood BBQ Scraper


How to use

Season your beef, chicken, pork, and veggies with Smoke Show Jalapeño BBQ Sauce for a sweet and smokey layer of flavour. The BBQ sauce will act as a perfect binder for our Jalapeño Spice Blend, adding a perfect combination of smoked salt, jalapeño spice, and maple sugar to enhance the flavour. Don't forget to ALWAYS clean your grill!


How to use a wood bbq scraper

  • Heat up your grill or use while it's still hot.
  • Place the scraper on the grill so that you can still see the logo, and gently but firmly push the scraper from the front of the grill to the back of the grill.
  • Over time these grooves will get deeper, wrapping around your BBQ grate. It is these grooves that remove the dirt from your grill.


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