Smoke Show is a Jalapeño-based hot sauce that is equal parts smoky, spicy, and sweet.

The original recipe came about when Dave’s obsession with YouTube hot sauce tutorials collided with his brother Nick’s obsession with putting things into smokers.

We started off small. Real small.

Our first batches were made in a suburban backyard, but we were able to slowly build an amazing team of salespeople, #influencers, and the world’s greatest delivery truck driver, Rocco.

Early on, margins were slim. But because of Dave’s charm, good looks, and restaurant connections, the company managed to make its way into more than 100 locations across Montreal - one of the most educated food markets in North America - where it’s also a prominent ingredient in some of its finest restaurants.

The skull-and-flames imagery of most hot sauces is a lame distraction.

Squeeze bottles are fun and people want to see what they’re getting, that’s why Smoke Show comes in clear plastic bottles. Our design is simple and we let the sauce do the talking.

We’re not trying to blow anyone’s head off with heat, we just want to make something that tastes good and will become a staple of the modern fridge.

The Team

Dave Rose

President & Founder

Mike Ionescu

Vice-President & Founder

Nick Rose

Employee of the Month & Founder

Andy Manaras

Strategic partner

Mich Manaras

Strategic partner

Rocco Mattia

Head of Transportation Logistics

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